My online resume is available below. My full contact information is available in the hard-copy of my resume.  You can reach me at my name (william) at, or at any of the social network links available in the title bar.

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering

University of California, San Diego

Technical Skills

• Simulation and analysis of circuits using Cadence, PSPICE, LTspice, and ADS.
• Programming embedded applications in C and assembly for AVR, ARM7-TDMI,
and ARM Cortex-M3 microcontrollers.
• Experience working with I2C, I2S, SPI, UART, and PWM controllers.
• Lay out of mixed signal circuits using Cadsoft Eagle.
• FPGA development with Verilog using Xilinx ISE Webpack and Altera Quartus II.
• Troubleshooting and prototyping utilizing tools including as an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, multimeter, logic analyzer, and function generator.


OpenLPC, Encinitas, CA May 2011- September 2011
Hardware Engineer

• Designed competitively priced development boards using NXP’s LPC1769
and LPC2148 microcontrollers.
• Assisted in sales and support for a UCSD undergraduate engineering course.
• Developed and laid out multisided circuit boards with audio, USB, and
Ethernet SMD integrated circuits.
• Assembled, programmed, and tested over 200 circuit boards.

IEEE/Senior Design Project, San Diego, CA October 2009 – June 2012
Project Team Lead, Hardware, and Software Design

Summary: ViaCar/Natcar is an autonomous robotics competition hosted by UC San Diego and UC Davis respectively. 1/10th scale RC cars must navigate around an unknown course either optically or by sensing a wire carrying a 75kHz 100mA sine wave. My design used a mixed signal approach. Four inductors tuned to resonate at 75kHz were mounted on a boom in front of the car chassis, the induced signal was then bandpass filtered and amplified. Each of the 4 channels was routed to an analog multiplexer which fed into a 3MSPS 12 bit ADC. Peak detection and additional averaging of the signal was done digitally. Each of the channels were compared and a PID control algorithm positioned the steering servo while another control loop set the PWM of the DC drive motor.

• Coordinated a team of three to design electrical hardware and software.
• Researched and prototyped analog filters and amplifiers.
• Designed a switch-mode buck regulator for high current servo power supply.
• Developed a speed and steering controller integrating PID control.
• Wrote embedded software in C and assembly for ARM Cortex-M3, ARM7-TDMI, and AVR 8bit microcontrollers.
• Represented UCSD as one of four teams at three annual autonomous vehicle competitions.

Leucadia Cyclery, Leucadia, CA January 2004 – Present
Mechanic/Website Design
• Designed and updated the store website utilizing HTML, PHP, CSS, and Javascript.
• Repaired, assembled, and modified new and used bicycles.
• Created and maintained an inventory of bicycle stock and sales.
• Managed store opening and closing, assisted customers with sales and support.

Professional Association
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers September 2009 – Present

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